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Canvas Prints


Sofia’s limited edition canvas prints are created in New Zealand using high-quality, lightfast pigments.

The Artist's Story

Drawing on common myths and legends that unite us all, Sofia Minson's art is inspired by her Ngāti Porou Māori, English, Swedish and Irish heritage. 

Sofia has been capturing the imagination of discerning art buyers worldwide with her original paintings and prints for over 15 years.

As an indigenous Māori artist from New Zealand, she has the unique perspective of having lived in Samoa, China and Sri Lanka, and she has travelled extensively beyond.

With each brushstroke, Sofia expertly weaves ancestral wisdom from around the world into images for a globally connected audience.

This universal appeal has lead to exhibitions in such prominent cultural centres as: 

  • New York
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown
  • What is a limited edition canvas print?

    Printed on quality canvas, these reproductions are so good, you can see the artist’s brushstrokes.

    "Only a special selection of my artworks are released as extra large canvas prints. These make a really big impression on the wall!"

    - Sofia Minson

    Made For You

    Sofia Minson has proofed the image in order to faithfully capture the essence of the original artwork. 

    When you purchase a Sofia Minson extra large canvas print, you are allocated a limited edition number that is unique to you. 

    The Canvas Print Process

    The artwork is printed in New Zealand using museum archival pigmented inks on canvas.

    This is left for 48 hours, allowing the ink to cure with the high quality canvas and settle.

    The canvas is then hung, sprayed with clear protective varnish and left to dry.

    Limited Edition Numbers

    The print is hand-signed with the edition number, title of the piece and the artist name. 

    To protect your fine art investment, have the print stretched and framed, and avoid displaying in direct sunlight. With their clear protective coating, there is no need for glass covering the image.

    Sofia’s portraits embrace diverse cultural elements with dignity, graciously weaving Māori, European, Eastern and Egyptian traditions and myths together.

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    1130mm high x 1130mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 275 | NZ$3,750


    840mm high x 1361mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 95 | NZ$3,750

    Rose of the Cross

    1360mm high x 840mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 95 | NZ$3,750

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    Sofia’s landscapes are representative of New Zealand in their depiction of the detailed mountain ranges, sandy shores and mystical forests that she associates with home.

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    Te Waka a Māui

    840mm high x 1548mm wide (three-piece canvas unframed)
    Limited edition of 275 | NZ$3,750

    Aoraki Raama

    1138mm high x 950mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 95 | NZ$3,750

    Midnight Rose

    1130mm high x 1130mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 275 | NZ$3,750

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    Sofia is a firm believer in keeping in tune with the natural world and sees the human race as guardians who must work to protect it. This is an idea that she has in mind whenever she paints birds and animals.

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    The Heart of the Kākā

    1361mm high x 840mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 175 | NZ$3,750


    840mm high x 1360mm wide (unframed)
    Limited to 175 | NZ$3,750


    1262mm high x 780mm wide (unframed)
    Limited edition of 95 | NZ$3,750

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    The Visual Impact of an Original Painting

    Sofia’s limited-edition canvas prints are of the highest standard fine art reproductions available in the world.

    You can choose to display as a stretched canvas or with your choice of beautiful decorative frame.


  • We ship for $25 in New Zealand and $49.00 internationally
  • Standard delivery within 10 business days
  • Options available for shipping framed artwork
  • "I'm making sacred art that integrates our modern human experience with the wisdom of our ancestors. These are aspirational symbols to help us navigate this strange new world."

    - Sofia Minson

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